Amanda De La Torre (Lab PI) is an Assistant Professor at the NAU School of Forestry. She obtained her PhD from the University of British Columbia, Canada, and later worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Umea University in Sweden, and the University of California-Davis. ResearchGate GoogleScholar

Benjamin Wilhite (graduate student), graduated from Humboldt university in California, and he’s now working on the “Genomics of adaptation and hybridization in Douglas fir

Matthew Weiss (graduate student), graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point, and he’s now working on the “Identification of genes conferring quantitative resistance to white pine blister rust in sugar pine“. ResearchGate

Bobin Liu (Research Scholar) is a visiting researcher from Fujian Agricultural University in China. He is currently working on the “Expression and gene family evolution of LEA genes“. ResearchGate


David Neale, University of California-Davis

Richard Sniezko, US Forest Service

Jill Wegrzyn, University of Connecticut

Tom Kolb, Northern Arizona University


Benjamin Covington (undergraduate student)

Morgan Henson (undergraduate student)

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